The Leaders in the Modern Quit Smoking Movement

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This is obviously not a new movement, by any means. Generations have been working toward quitting the horrible, and unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes. However, no generation before has had the tools, resources and technology to overcome this deadly habit, like this one today. At the forefront of the modern vape movement is Quit Smoking With My Fresh Vape — website available at

The innovative approach that is putting this particular group of entrepreneurs at the top of the vaporizer and quit smoking industries is that they are making the process of a cigarette smoker quitting and starting vaping simple and easy. They begin by walking their customers through a short survey about their smoking habit, and this is all done on their website. Then, based on how you answer the 4 survey questions, you are presented with recommended vaporizer starter kits, complete with a vaporizer tank, battery and USB cord. Next, you are presented with a series of e juice sample packs. Once you make your selections, you can complete your purchase – most first time customers get a great 20% discount coupon to apply to their order — and then these items are shipped directly to your door.

After a week of you having a chance to try out your new vaporizer starter kit, they follow up and offer you an e juice plan on autoship so that you can continually get the best e juice flavors and variety available.

This is a fantastic model and what they are finding is that 7 out of 10 people that try to quit smoking cigarettes ending up with success by starting to vape and switching to this much healthier version of smoking.


The Largest Database of Luxury Properties for Sale in Asheville

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There is absolutely no doubt who the authority in luxury real estate properties is in Asheville, NC.

When it comes to Asheville NC Real Estate, Kathleen Blanchette, knows the market better than anyone. She’s been a realtor in the WNC region for 15+ years and has earned a reputation for quality service, professionalism, and knowing and understanding luxury realty in all of Western North Carolina.

Perhaps you’ve considered making a home in the beautiful blue ridge and smoky mountains your retirement spot. A luxury cabin on a lake like Lake Lure? Or a beautiful quaint mountain-top property equipped with hand carved rocking chairs on the porch overlooking the amazing sunsets. Or maybe you prefer active adult community or golf course living. Whatever your preferences, Kathleen’s can take care of you.

She’s got the largest catalog and database of luxury real estate in Asheville and surrounding areas online. You can check out much of the listings directly on her website, and she is ready and available to setup tours or home showings for you at any time.

Asheville, NC and WNC region is one of the most sought after destinations for retirees, active adults, and young families. There is natural beauty, community, food, dining, festivals, activities, events, arts, and music for all ages. It is such a rich and diverse area for all walks of life.

Be sure to check out Asheville, Western North Carolina, and give Kathleen a call when you are ready to check out the luxurious properties at totally reasonable prices.

Massage Therapist Leading the Way in the WNC Appalachians

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Asheville NC massageBrady Preyss got his start as a massage therapist working for one of the premier resorts in the Asheville, North Carolina area. The Grove Park Inn. This particular resort is the absolute lap of luxury when it comes to visiting one of the most beautiful cities in America. When celebrities or presidents or anyone of influence makes a trip to Asheville, you can be certain that this is where they are staying. And they are world renowned for their spa services.

Brady learned the ropes of luxury massage services while working at the Grove Park Inn. He was one of only a handful of male therapists/specialists and was at the top of the request list for guests that wanted the royal treatment.

Now Brady has gone out on his own, and started his own practice at Unity Healing Arts, a complete massage focused entity, that know how to treat their customers like royalty. From swedish massages, to deep tissue massage, to hot stone massage therapy and much more, their menu is an absolute delight, no matter what your prefernce and choice.

Next time you come to Western North Carolina, and are interested in a massage in Asheville be sure to break away from the Grove Park Inn, and visit Brady and team at Unity Healing Arts, and be sure to experience one of the greatest massages that you’ll ever experience. It is that special and wonderful.


Vaporizer Technology Leaders

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There are many noble causes in the world to extend life and prevent needless death.

This one is particularly interesting, since smoking in and of itself is responsible for countless needless deaths every single year. The nicotine addiction leads people back to the cigarette over and over again, often in increased quantities over the years, and its so deterimental to the human body and lungs. So much cancer is developed and it’s an absolute shame. But is there an alternative? Is there a way to overcome a nicotine addiction and lose all of these negative health effects that smoking causes?

10 years ago, no.

Now, in 2014? Yes!

The electronic cigarette and vaporizer market is in full force and taking the world of smoking by storm, in a really super healthy and positive way. Now smokers can enjoy smoking, with our without nicotine – nicotine itself is not the problem, its actually quite harmless – it’s the tar and chemicals in cigarettes that are the real problem. So, the e-cig and vape technologies are completely tar and negative chemical ingredients.

So whether its a nicotine fix or a motion, nervous twitch kind of fix, smoking an ecig will fill the need, no doubt.

It can be tough to find vaporizers and e-cigs at great pricing especially domestically. There is an up and coming, tremendously successful wholesale vaporizers company called My Fresh Vape, that we can definitely say is becoming the standard in the industry. They offer concierge style services for retailers in getting their websites, online presence, and retail stores setup and equipped with vape product, e juice, e cigarattes and more. Whatever you need to get your business rocking in this lucrative industry, My Fresh Vape is the go to company.

Here is some more information on how the vaporizer technology works for smokers – check it out:

Dry Erase Paint Showdown – Best in the Business

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2013 was a year of innovation. Young entrepreneurs. Internet startups. Breakthroughs in technology, social spaces and in the digital world. And some of those innovators have to give a bit of credit to the environments that they’ve created in their offices.

One of the big innovations in offices was creating idea and brainstorm space on entire walls and plastering entire rooms using dry erase paint products.

We’ve been in some of the coolest office environments in the US, from Zappos to Facebook to Google, and I’ve got to say that the best whiteboard wall we could find was at Google. They used a product called ReMARKable whiteboard paint – it comes in DIY kits that you can buy online and use in your home or office to turn any surface including your walls into a dry erase surface.

What was most impressive about the wall coated with ReMARKable was the smooth texture, the ease of erasability with a single swipe and the vibrant colors that come out of both the white and the clear-coat products.

For the absolute best in dry erase paint, consider using Remarkable for your next whiteboard wall… or whiteboard desk… or whatever you want to turn into a whiteboard!

Taking on the Junk Franchise Giants

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Sometimes leadership is a small, innovative company taking on the giant.

Everyone loves a great David and Goliath story, right?

We always enjoy watching an underdog take on the mighty bohemoth that thinks they’ve got their market cornered and monopolized. In the world of junk removal and hauling, 1-800-GET-JUNK thought they had this market cornered, and they didn’t think they left much room or opportunity for competition.

That didn’t stop the guys from One Call Clean Out near Philadelphia, PA from taking their local marketplace, and someday the national marketplace by storm.

By thinking creatively and on their feet as they worked, they realized that the opportunity in this particular niche was to find ways to save their customers money while thinking at a planetary eco-level.

They developed systems, products and methodologies around donating, recycling, upcycling and reselling items that would typically find their way to the massive landfills that are to put it bluntly… KILLING OUR PLANET.

Thank God for people like the folks at One Call Clean Out, because their innovation is helping people economically in their wallets and pocketbooks where it counts, and helping sustain the life of our planet at the same time. Nobody else in the junk removal business makes any claims to pay you back for your junk — only this little company that can make a big difference and will be making a big impact in your neighborhood soon.

If you are currently in the Philadelphia or Allentown PA areas or anywhere in between check out the team at One Call Clean Out for any of your household cleanout, or junk hauling needs. Rubbish pickup is the name of their game, and they do a phenomenal job as leaders in their space, and they do it for a price that you will be delighted with.


Leaders in the Alternative Health Industry

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As we stretch out into the world and look for business leaders that are making innovation and creative progress in the world possible, it’s essential to consider the rapidly changing health industry.

While much of the Western world is stuck in the restrictive methodologies of traditional Western medicine, there are leaders stretching the boundaries of this space, and doing it really well. And what better place to start our search than the city that has no boundaries and is limitless in its entrepreneurial pursuits.

Portland Oregon is home to many outside the box thinking medicine practitioners, and its where western thought meets eastern ideas for a convergence of the best of both worlds.

We’d like to recognize one of the best, an alternative portland health clinic, called Watershed Community Wellness headed up by Eric Grey and Amanda Barp. This group of progressive practitioners specialize in herbal medicine, acupunture, and massage therapy.

For Watershed Community Wellness, Symptom relief is only the beginning. Where traditional medicine practices will stop, they will continue, entering into root cause analysis and whole body health and preventative maintenance. Flow and energy are important points of conversation for Watershed. A holistic approach to ensure the body is communicating properly and allowing itself to heal is a critical part of their practicing philosophies.

Business leadership in health means going against the flow, and not just doing what everyone traditionally does or teaches, but learning from much of what has been working around the world for centuries. Why should we as Western thinking Americans be so arrogant to think that the methodologies of the ancients for thousands of years should be shelved in place of what we believe higher education has to teach and offer.

Check out their website and schedule an appointment here (they see patients from around the world!)

Kudos to the folks like Eric and Amanda and crew that are willing to think about our health first, and to always be questioning and finding the best solution for the health problems that their practice sees on a daily basis.

Check out Eric talking about Chinese herbs in this video: