Leaders in the Alternative Health Industry

As we stretch out into the world and look for business leaders that are making innovation and creative progress in the world possible, it’s essential to consider the rapidly changing health industry.

While much of the Western world is stuck in the restrictive methodologies of traditional Western medicine, there are leaders stretching the boundaries of this space, and doing it really well. And what better place to start our search than the city that has no boundaries and is limitless in its entrepreneurial pursuits.

Portland Oregon is home to many outside the box thinking medicine practitioners, and its where western thought meets eastern ideas for a convergence of the best of both worlds.

We’d like to recognize one of the best, an alternative portland health clinic, called Watershed Community Wellness headed up by Eric Grey and Amanda Barp. This group of progressive practitioners specialize in herbal medicine, acupunture, and massage therapy.

For Watershed Community Wellness, Symptom relief is only the beginning. Where traditional medicine practices will stop, they will continue, entering into root cause analysis and whole body health and preventative maintenance. Flow and energy are important points of conversation for Watershed. A holistic approach to ensure the body is communicating properly and allowing itself to heal is a critical part of their practicing philosophies.

Business leadership in health means going against the flow, and not just doing what everyone traditionally does or teaches, but learning from much of what has been working around the world for centuries. Why should we as Western thinking Americans be so arrogant to think that the methodologies of the ancients for thousands of years should be shelved in place of what we believe higher education has to teach and offer.

Check out their website and schedule an appointment here (they see patients from around the world!)

Kudos to the folks like Eric and Amanda and crew that are willing to think about our health first, and to always be questioning and finding the best solution for the health problems that their practice sees on a daily basis.

Check out Eric talking about Chinese herbs in this video: