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Taking on the Junk Franchise Giants

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Sometimes leadership is a small, innovative company taking on the giant.

Everyone loves a great David and Goliath story, right?

We always enjoy watching an underdog take on the mighty bohemoth that thinks they’ve got their market cornered and monopolized. In the world of junk removal and hauling, 1-800-GET-JUNK thought they had this market cornered, and they didn’t think they left much room or opportunity for competition.

That didn’t stop the guys from One Call Clean Out near Philadelphia, PA from taking their local marketplace, and someday the national marketplace by storm.

By thinking creatively and on their feet as they worked, they realized that the opportunity in this particular niche was to find ways to save their customers money while thinking at a planetary eco-level.

They developed systems, products and methodologies around donating, recycling, upcycling and reselling items that would typically find their way to the massive landfills that are to put it bluntly… KILLING OUR PLANET.

Thank God for people like the folks at One Call Clean Out, because their innovation is helping people economically in their wallets and pocketbooks where it counts, and helping sustain the life of our planet at the same time. Nobody else in the junk removal business makes any claims to pay you back for your junk — only this little company that can make a big difference and will be making a big impact in your neighborhood soon.

If you are currently in the Philadelphia or Allentown PA areas or anywhere in between check out the team at One Call Clean Out for any of your household cleanout, or junk hauling needs. Rubbish pickup is the name of their game, and they do a phenomenal job as leaders in their space, and they do it for a price that you will be delighted with.