Dry Erase Paint Showdown – Best in the Business

2013 was a year of innovation. Young entrepreneurs. Internet startups. Breakthroughs in technology, social spaces and in the digital world. And some of those innovators have to give a bit of credit to the environments that they’ve created in their offices.

One of the big innovations in offices was creating idea and brainstorm space on entire walls and plastering entire rooms using dry erase paint products.

We’ve been in some of the coolest office environments in the US, from Zappos to Facebook to Google, and I’ve got to say that the best whiteboard wall we could find was at Google. They used a product called ReMARKable whiteboard paint – it comes in DIY kits that you can buy online and use in your home or office to turn any surface including your walls into a dry erase surface.

What was most impressive about the wall coated with ReMARKable was the smooth texture, the ease of erasability with a single swipe and the vibrant colors that come out of both the white and the clear-coat products.

For the absolute best in dry erase paint, consider using Remarkable for your next whiteboard wall… or whiteboard desk… or whatever you want to turn into a whiteboard!