Massage Therapist Leading the Way in the WNC Appalachians

Asheville NC massageBrady Preyss got his start as a massage therapist working for one of the premier resorts in the Asheville, North Carolina area. The Grove Park Inn. This particular resort is the absolute lap of luxury when it comes to visiting one of the most beautiful cities in America. When celebrities or presidents or anyone of influence makes a trip to Asheville, you can be certain that this is where they are staying. And they are world renowned for their spa services.

Brady learned the ropes of luxury massage services while working at the Grove Park Inn. He was one of only a handful of male therapists/specialists and was at the top of the request list for guests that wanted the royal treatment.

Now Brady has gone out on his own, and started his own practice at Unity Healing Arts, a complete massage focused entity, that know how to treat their customers like royalty. From swedish massages, to deep tissue massage, to hot stone massage therapy and much more, their menu is an absolute delight, no matter what your prefernce and choice.

Next time you come to Western North Carolina, and are interested in a massage in Asheville be sure to break away from the Grove Park Inn, and visit Brady and team at Unity Healing Arts, and be sure to experience one of the greatest massages that you’ll ever experience. It is that special and wonderful.