The Leaders in the Modern Quit Smoking Movement

This is obviously not a new movement, by any means. Generations have been working toward quitting the horrible, and unhealthy habit of smoking cigarettes. However, no generation before has had the tools, resources and technology to overcome this deadly habit, like this one today. At the forefront of the modern vape movement is Quit Smoking With My Fresh Vape — website available at

The innovative approach that is putting this particular group of entrepreneurs at the top of the vaporizer and quit smoking industries is that they are making the process of a cigarette smoker quitting and starting vaping simple and easy. They begin by walking their customers through a short survey about their smoking habit, and this is all done on their website. Then, based on how you answer the 4 survey questions, you are presented with recommended vaporizer starter kits, complete with a vaporizer tank, battery and USB cord. Next, you are presented with a series of e juice sample packs. Once you make your selections, you can complete your purchase – most first time customers get a great 20% discount coupon to apply to their order — and then these items are shipped directly to your door.

After a week of you having a chance to try out your new vaporizer starter kit, they follow up and offer you an e juice plan on autoship so that you can continually get the best e juice flavors and variety available.

This is a fantastic model and what they are finding is that 7 out of 10 people that try to quit smoking cigarettes ending up with success by starting to vape and switching to this much healthier version of smoking.